In Harmony with Mind, Body and Soul

By: Lyann Urbina

More than 70 female employees from all of MiCrédito’s ten branches met on Sunday in Carazo to celebrate Women’s Day with the first Gender Workshop of the year. The event’s theme was “In harmony with the body, mind, and soul.”

“We have recognized the importance of working on our mental health as well as our physical health. This helps us all to grow both professionally and spiritually and we want all of our female employees to recognize their leadership potential, both within and outside the institution,” outlined Verónica Herrera, MiCrédito’s executive director.

The day-long session gave the women a retreat from their normal routines where they enjoyed being in nature, reconnected with themselves, and participated in spiritual exercises with the Nicaraguan specialist Eddy Parajón. They also listened to a lecture given by Madeline Laguna regarding building self esteem.

“The day helped me to reconnect with myself. I felt relaxed, as though I was able to let go of my daily stress. Honestly, I don’t usually dedicate much time to my mind and body,” said Miriam Torrez, a customer service representative from the Granada branch.

Fighting Harassment

As part of the Gender Workshop, Verónica Herrera launched the campaign against harassment. The women used their creativity to design posters which will be posted in all MiCrédito branches. The institution will also implement a new policy to punish any type of workplace harassment and will raise awareness to fight against this problem.

“We are supporting each other. The gender strategy is empowering us to be able to recognize and report harassment, whether is be through words, gestures, or physical contact that make us feel bad and disrespected,” outlined Martha Merlo, MiCrédito’s Human Resources manager.