Talking about Financial Education and Inclusion

By: Lyann Urbina

Last Wednesday, MiCrédito held a panel discussion on "Financial Education and Inclusion" at Managua's American College, marking the end of the 2015 MiCrédiEstudios campaign.

Regional credit manager Cesia Calderón, administrative financial manager Grethel Meza, and credit manager Hoscar Pichardo were the event's panelists and spoke in front of 30 students from American College's different academic programs.

During the talk, the panelists discussed topics including financial inclusion, personal budgeting, credit, and the MiCrédiEstudios program and informed the students about the benefits available through MiCrédito's student loan program.

"This event has given us the opportunity to fulfill our mission, which is to promote both financial and social inclusion. The MiCrédiEstudios program offers support to students in their last years of studies with the opportunity to finish their education, continue with post-graduate study, or to start their own businesses. We are serving a sector of the population that has been almost completely overlooked [by Nicaragua's commercial financial institutions]," outlined Hoscar Pichardo.

Student Response

"The event was really interesting because many students are interested in applying for student loans. They gave us the information about how we can use loans to finish our studies or to launch our own businesses," said Alejandra Arguello a student in the Accounting Department.

"It was great because it gave us the opportunity to learn more about personal savings, which will be very important for us in the future," said systems engineering student Elvis Martínez.

"It seemed like a good opportunity for me because I am starting my last classes next week, and this loan could help me to finish my studies," added Ana Luisa Aburto, a law student.

"MiCrédito's product is interesting because it is giving us the opportunity to apply for loans. Given the economic crisis that we are in, many of our families are unable to help us to pay for our university education," explained Freddy Quintero of the Systems Engineering department.