Empowering Female Staff

By: Brian Jarquin

MiCrédito brought together its female staff for another Gender Workshop, which discussed the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and sought to empower the women to improve their self-esteem.

"What better time to discuss these important topics than the month of Mother's Day surrounded by nature on a beautiful island near Granada?", said Norma Lopez, the coordinator of MiCrédito's Granada branch and the event's organizer.

"Through these workshops, we are hoping to raise awareness among our female staff about the importance of caring for their bodies and minds and taking care of their reproductive health. It is important that we all ask ourselves, 'do I love myself if I don't go for my medical checkups?' " explained Verónica Herrera, MiCrédito's CEO.

During the first part of the workshop, Doctor Jorge Valle of MiCrédito's Rubenia health clinic made a presentation about the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that affect women.

"Doctors should always be trying to raise awareness about risks related to STIs and should promote prevention and care through annual or biannual Pap smears, depending on sexual activity," outlined Valle.

From physical to mental health 

"A body without harmony between physical and mental health cannot function well. "Having good mental health empowers us to direct our lives in the way that we want to go. We should all create a personal mission and vision, especially women who work every day to get ahead," noted Georgina Gutiérrez, MiCrédito's spritual leader.

"Everyone has to find their own direction, review their self-esteem, and acknowledge that everyone has their own personality-we are not all the same- and we all need to explore our own unique selves," added Gutiérrez.