A Women's Day Hike

By: Lyann Urbina

While the roosters crowed, the cows mooed, and the coffee farmer tended to his crop, a group of hardworking and brave women stepped off buses coming from MiCrédito's ten branches to participate in the first Gender Workshop of 2015, and also to celebrate Women's Day with an adventurous hike on a farm in the mountains of Estelí.

The participants started the day with breakfast: fresh milk, eggs, hot tortillas, and beans--necessary nutrients to strengthen the women for their adventure.

Mist covered the moutains of the majestic Miraflor Nature Reserve and the sun shone, making the day fresh and perfect for the Gender Workshop and Women's Day celebrations. This workshop was a bit different from the others, which looked at other issues like personal finances, health, beauty, and self-esteem. It focused on reducing stress through walking and showed the women that they are capable of climbing a mountain!

"I learned that we are strong and that we have to build ourselves up in order to build up other people." -Rosa Emilia Morales, Accounting and Collections Department

Each of MiCrédito's female staff members completed an 8 km hike, enjoying the nature and working together to cross bridges. The took care of their health and achieved their goal of making it to the peak, despite a bit of rain!

"I believe that the institution invests in us." -María Verónica Martínez- Accounting Department

At the end of the day, with mud on their shoes and sun tans, the women finished the hike, proud of their accomplishment. They wrapped up their Women's Day celebrations with gifts, lunch, cake, and words of thanks from CEO Verónica Herrera for being part of MiCrédito and for their hard work in the institution.