MiCrédito Starts 2015 on the Right Track

By: Brian Jarquin

MiCrédito's management team and the special funds managers started the year by visiting each of MiCrédito's branches to provide administrative news regarding salary increases and to facilitate training sessions to reinforce employees' knowledge of Kiva's goals and policies.

In the first part of the work sessions, CEO Verónica Herrera emphasized the institutional values, the vision and mission, and the commitment of MiCrédito staff to providing credit products to our clients. Herrera also underlined the importance of client visits in that they help the institution to work toward improving clients' living standards and contribute to social development.

Itzayana Escobar, the manager of special funds noted that the purpose of these special sessions at the branch level is to refresh the employees' knowledge of the Kiva platform, improve productivity, and provide training to new loan officers. Doing so will allow MiCrédito to maintain a good relationship with Kiva, an organization that has demonstrated its confidence in the work that the institution is doing in Nicaragua.