Christmas Spirit at MiCrédito

By: Lyann Urbina

The Christmas spirit arrived at MiCrédito and brought many smiles and presents to the children at the Chigüines Con Caites project in San Marcos, Carazo.

Verónica Herrera, MiCrédito’s CEO gave gifts donated by the institution to more than sixty children. MiCrédito, along with Chigüines Con Caites, organized a day full of games and refreshments enjoyed by all of the children that participate in this project, which was created by a group of entrepreneurial youth.

“We decided to support Chigüines Con Caites for three reasons. Firstly, because we like that these young people are working with underprivileged children. We want to encourage young people to work with those who have few resources. Secondly, MiCrédito prioritizes corporate social responsibility, and thirdly, there is nothing better than distributing gifts during the month of December”, said Herrera.

In 2014, MiCrédito experienced 32% growth, and the institution decided to celebrate this success with a social project.

Chigüines Con Caites is an initiative launched by four young entrepreneurs who wanted to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children. Currently, the project is working with children in the rural areas of San Marcos, Carazo. The program's participants include sixty children and youth between the ages of 2 and 16 who come from poor families, among them two children with disabilities.