General Operating Plan is performed with success

As part of year-end activity and composed of the parent company, MiCrédito did the General Work Plan (AWP).

By Daniela Monroy

In this activity important feature points were addressed, the major axes were resumed in where the company is located, where it is going and the goals for year 2015. All to improve relations between workers and know how is the company running.

One of the greatest accomplishments of the company was to achieve five new anchorages, ENVEST, WCCN, Global Partnership, LOCFUND, ADA Luxembourg, obtaining an amount of $ 2,750,000, that way it has positioned itself among the 22 Asomif anchorages. The goal for the next year is to increase financial income including achieving three million dollars. Said Grethel Meza, Financial Administrative Manager.

Each department reported how they were working and which were the new features that were exercising.  MiCrédito towards care for the safety of customers and employees, will conduct a risk map to improve access and exit routes and also will make sure the labeling of all branches gets done. Other measures such as spraying, vaccination will be taken and seminars will be held. Last but not least achievement of MiCrédito was  a funeral service within the institution that was approved and 38% of employers' payroll was posted.