Hoscar Pichardo Arana

Hoscar Pichardo Arana is MiCrédito’s Credit Manager. Since attending the Instituto Nacional Douglas Sequeria Primero de Mayo Managua-Nicaragua, Oscar has consistently been involved in the microfinance sector of Nicaragua.

Hoscar has worked as a credit analyst, a small business analyst, branch manager, regional manager, branch supervisor and finally Credit Manager for MiCrédito. Throughout his career, whether in portfolio management or in client acquisition, Hoscar has been a pivotal figure in the success of projects large and small for a number of microfinance insitutions.

In his own words, Hoscar hopes to “be part of a team where I can contribute my skills and knowledge in order to reach the institution's goals and offer my expertise to follow the strategies defined by the company in its Strategic Business Plan in order to position the company well within the market.”