Ms.Traugott Horsch is Export Manager and share holder of Horsch Maschinen GmbH, a major European farm equipment manufacturer, based in Schwandorf, Germany since 1998. He is also member of the Management Committee of Horsch Anderson LCC, a joint venture operation of HORSCH for Airsseeder Production in Andover, South Dakota. As a director in the HORSCH Foundation he is involved in development projects in Nicaragua. Mr Horsch served as consultant for small farmer programs in Nicaragua since 1984 through Internationale Mennonitische Organisation (IMO) and Dienste in Übersee. He managed his own farm operation in Nicaragua from 1993-1998 and served during this period as a director in APENN (the Nicaraguan Farmers Association for nontraditional agricultural export products). Mr Horsch has a technical formation in farming and has studied Sociology and Economics at University of Mannheim, Germany..